How To Get Unstuck- My Story

How To Get Unstuck
How To Get Unstuck

Have you ever been stuck?

Stuck, like in you’ve had some major life “stuff” happen and your brain says, “Enough already” and your once ambitious self grinds to a screeching halt. Ever been there?

I’ve been stuck. Like felt like I was swimming in mud, stuck. Like eight years worth of stuck.

And I found something (after looking and trying lots of different things for a LONG time) that got me unstuck. More about that in a minute.

My stuck started when the housing market crashed, continued with getting laid off, which lead to having to file bankruptcy. (Explanation: I sold new homes. NOBODY was buying in 2007 because of the crazy prices and builders were closing their doors right and left. Result…no jobs to move on to.) All this while dealing with a special needs toddler as a single mom with fibromyalgia.

Things weren’t pretty for a long, long time. I needed to get unstuck.

Problem was, once the smoke started to clear and the financial mess started to get back to normal, I didn’t. Without realizing it, I’d gone into hiding. I didn’t want to venture out into the world again because “what if it all comes crashing down again?”

I tried different coaching programs, thought about going into a completely different line of work (the housing market could go south again, right?) My fears were running me totally. I was playing “not to lose”…for eight. long. years.

Ever know what you need to do? Ever know what you actually WANT to do? And you just can’t make yourself get off the dime. That was me…

Till I found this…

Kim Klaver is someone I’d know about for a few years. I love her style because she tells it like it is. No fluff and no BS. And in language that everyone gets.

We are friends on Facebook and something she’d written about came across my Facebook news feed. One thing lead to another and I landed on her “31 Days To Get Off the Pot”. Don’t ya love the title?  It described perfectly where I was and what I needed.

I signed up and life shook up big time.

Only 16 days into the program, I felt like the old me was back. I was working with real estate clients again, I signed up for yoga classes (this one had been on the to-do list for a couple years and I’m now going faithfully 3 times a week),

I started up this website again and I’m writing two blog posts a week.  I’m on the fast track to management in my home business. Best of all, I’m excited about the future again.

Maybe you don’t know that stuck feeling or maybe you’re not as stuck as I was. Or maybe, just maybe you know you’re capable of so much more than what you’re doing right now. You need help

getting off that pot. This program will show you how to do it.

Don’t waste another minute being a prisoner of your own head like I was. You deserve better, your family deserves better. I’m in your corner. You CAN do it…

And if you do decide to get off the pot like I did, drop me a message on Facebook or leave a comment below. Hey, maybe we can start “Pot Sitters Anonymous” for those of us who used to be stuck. That’d be a hoot!! Talk soon…

What’s Your Mission-The Power of “Why”

What's Your Mission?
What’s Your Mission?

Have you ever met a person who’s SO passionate and SO loves what they do that it becomes their mission? Was that person’s energy a total magnet for their cause or their business?

I met that kind of person today.

A couple of weeks ago, feeling older (and heavier) than I’ll admit and definitely squishier, I decided to take some yoga classes. Not any kind of Yoga, mind you…HOT Yoga. For the uninitiated, class is held in a very hot room where you and your classmates stretch and breath and sweat…a lot.

I totally love it! So much so that I decided to sign up for a six month membership, and here lies the reason for this story.

After class, I stopped by the front desk to start my membership paperwork. There was a man standing there talking with a couple of the other students. He was so excited that i couldn’t help but listen in. (eavesdropping, I know. My bad)

I’m so glad I did.

It turns out this guy is the new owner. He told us all his story of how he was diagnosed with cancer four years ago. He went through chemo, and radiation, and then a year later had a brain aneurism. Yoga saved his life. Once he started practicing, the guy who was a self admitted workaholic with few friends became a man on a mission to help people “one person at a time”

There’s way more to the story, but what I couldn’t get over was his passion for the work he’s doing…and for life. It took him two near death experiences to find his life’s work. Isn’t that the way it goes sometimes?

We go through the motions day in, day out. Life’s ok and the bills are getting paid, but how much sweeter would life be if our life’s work was our life’s mission; if we were so stoked about how we could make an impact on the people around us that nothing and no one could stop us.

How cool will it be for you when that happens? It can, you know. It starts between your ears. What’s your mission? Who is it you want to help and how do you want to help them? Leave me a comment below and let me know. I’d love to hear.

Oh…and my six month membership? Well…the owner was so cool and has such great plans for the studio that I called them when I got home and switched to a 12 month plan. Missions and passion can be contagious, ya know <wink> Take care…talk soon.

It’s Your Home Business- Do it Your Way

Home Business Your Way So this week I realized that I can be as stubborn as a pre-schooler at nap time. You want me to do something when  YOU want me too? Uh-uh…Nope…Not gonna do it. Doesn’t matter if they’re at the point of collapse, right?

 Here’s what happened (and what I learned)

 In addition to my Real Estate career, I have my own home business. My company started a mentoring group for those  of us who want to promote to management and move up the ranks. I raised my hand and joined because that’s the goal I have for my business. No biggie, right?

 Well, things were going along great, but the closer I got to the deadline that had been set for the group, the farther  behind I seemed to get.

 Things from outside my home business needed attention. I had a couple of tenants go sideways. The air conditioning  went out. We took a trip to Mexico (that was the bestest). You get the picture…”stuff” happened.

I saw others in the group meeting their goals, but mine weren’t getting any closer. We’d have weekly calls, All sorts of ideas were offered to get more sales and find new teammates. The ideas were great, but they just were’t “me”.

Now, I’m not afraid to get “outside the box”. I’ve operated that way most of my life, but some of the old school ways of marketing my business that some of these mentors suggested made me cringe. Flyers on cars? Nope! Buying leads? Nope! Door knocking? Nope!

By focusing on what I didn’t want to do, I wasted time. Instead of focusing on what I love to do and just doing it, I missed the goal deadline. But you know what?

I’m still going to reach my goal. I’m still building my home business. I’m setting my own deadline and resetting my focus. Folks, you need to do the same.

For all of you rebels out there who can’t stand to do things the way everyone else does…DON’T.

Write down what you want, decide what you enjoy doing to make that happen and Then. Just. Do. It.

You can have YOUR business, YOUR way. Don’t let anyone (even yourself, like me) tell you there’s a way things HAVE to be done. Make your own way. And enjoy the ride!!

Are you a stubborn rebel like me? How have you made that work for you? Let me know below and come say “Hi” and see me on Facebook. I’d love you chat. Until next time…

You Are Your Business…Take Care Of YOU!

You’ve probably heard this before but, You ARE your Business

Today I’m going to take a little detour from the regular marketing/business topics you usually find here and talk about something near and dear to my heart.

Recently I’ve gone through some major health “issues” in my own life that have made me stop and take a good, hard look not only at the way I’ve been living and eating, but the way I’ve seen friends and family treat their own bodies for years.

You can probably relate…It’s been a long day and it’s so much easier to pull through the McArches and grab dinner than go straight home and fix something healthy. Or, my excuse here lately (although true), is my back is really bugging me. So, rather than building up the muscles by working out and delaying the three surgeries I’ve had since March; I didn’t work out at all, got squishy, got “fluffy” and ended up with two fusions and a disc replacement at age 53. The most recent surgery was two weeks ago.

I referred earlier to friends and family who could have taken better care of themselves and I’m reminded of a wonderful lady I worked with years ago, before I got into Real Estate. You see BRE (before Real Estate), I ran a commercial kitchen for a local church pre-school and day care (and lots of the church functions). It was always busy and there was always something cookin'(pun intended).

My right hand helper at the church was a lady named Pat Kerman and let me tell ya, she rocked!! There was never a more fun, reliable or dedicated person than Pat. Everyone loved Pat and the feeling was mutual. You never saw her without a smile on her face or a kind word coming out of her mouth. Get the idea? She was one of those people that you wanted to be like when you grew up (even though you were already grown up 😉 )

As amazing as she was, Pat also struggled with diabetes and she was overweight. She was one of those “apple-shaped” ladies, she knew it and she used to joke about it. She also knew she needed to do something about it, but she was also from the south. Pat knew how to cook and she loved to eat (especially all things fried) as many folks from that part of the country do.

We worked together every week day making lunch for the pre-school kiddos, the teachers and the church office staff. One very ordinary day, something happened that changed many lives forever. I was in the kitchen doing my “getting the food ready for the kids lunch” thing and Pat came in a little late because of a doctor’s appointment. It was a routine appointment. Nothing had been wrong, just a check-up. The doctor had done blood work and given her a stress test.

Pat was thrilled because the doctor had given her a clean bill of health. Blood pressure fine, heart fine, stress test results great. She was good to go.

As the kids started coming in the lunch line, everything seemed normal except that Pat kept complaining of being really thirsty. I told her to take a little time, get some water and I’d start serving the kids. I no sooner got those words out of my mouth and Pat collapsed right next to me. It still amazes me to think of it, but I caught her as she fell and helped her down to the floor. The amazing part is that although Pat probably weighed at least 350lbs, it felt like she weighed nothing…literally nothing at all. She was dead before she got to the floor.

A lot of the rest of that day was a blur. The teachers and I didn’t want to scare the kids, so we kept them out of the kitchen. Lunch got served in the Social Hall. Thank God our church happened to be right across the alley from what was then Mercy Ambulance and they were literally working on her within a minute. The paramedics were able to revive Pat as she lay on the floor of the kitchen and got her to the hospital.

That sweet lady coded 16 more times before she passed later that night. It’s something I’ll never forget as long as I live.

Pat Kerman left this earth way before her time. She knew she needed to take better care of herself. We used to talk about it; even joke about it, but you know how friends are when they don’t want to hurt another friends feelings… “Oh Pat, you’re perfect just the way you are.” “You don’t need to lose any weight, Pat. We love you the way you are.” “See, even the doctor said you’re in great shape”.

I wish I knew then, what I know now.

A couple of weeks ago I, along with a fan-tabulous team of people at Boom!Social headed by Kim Garst and Terry Williamson began a 90 Day Challenge to lose some “fluff” and take our health back. Those of us who work from home, or do a lot of work behind a computer ,or just flat don’t take the time we should to eat right need an easy, fast and convenient way to stay healthy and most important…stay healthy. Remember, you are your business. If you don’t take care of yourself, who will? I’d be happy to show you what I’m doing if you’re interested, but I’m not going to push…

Just know that you’re important to me…you’re important to your friends and family…you’re the only YOU there is. The world needs you and your unique gifts and talents. Pat Kerman had them and now they’re lost forever. Let’s make sure it never happens again…

Much love…big hugs…much success…God bless

Beth 🙂

When You Absolutely, Positively Have To Work From Home An Internet Home Business May Be The Answer

Internet Home Business, Here We Come

What comes to mind when you hear the words "work from home"? Does it conger up images of leisurely, two hour lunches with friends or having the freedom to take that dream vacation any old darned time you please?

Working from home can give you those things and more. It's a choice that those with the true heart of an entrepreneur long to make. For those folks, having a home business is a choice.

But what about those of us who don't just want to work from home, we need to work from home.

Yes, You Too Can Make A Living Online


Yes, for some folks the work from home dream is luxury, but then there are those who face special challenges. For them working from home is a necessity. Here's a couple of examples. For instance, what do you do when you find out that a family member has special needs that will require extra care, time and attention. Maybe it's a child who's been diagnosed with autism or an older parent who has Alzheimer's.

Maybe the one with the special need is you. Perhaps you can relate. In my case, In November 2005 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with a side order of a very slow thyroid. Not a fun proposition, especially not fun when you're a single mom with an 18 month-old son.

Working a traditional J-O-B can be tough when you ache all over and want to crawl under your desk in the middle of the afternoon and take a nap. An Internet Home Business (or any Home Business for that matter) can be the perfect answer when life throws you a curve ball and you're wondering what to do and how on earth you're going to make a living.


Renegade University

Internet Home Based Business Works—Focus and Application Are The Keys That Open Any Door


Don't get me wrong. An internet home business is work. The get-rich-quick schemes only make money for the guys selling the scheme(or gals too, taking people's hard earned money and offering them nothing in return is an equal opportunity fleecing). A real, true, lasting business takes thought, preparation and training. That's why is here.

Let me offer you help and hope.

Here you'll find that training, loads of help and inspiration for building your home-based business. It could be your network marketing business you want to work on the internet or a passion you've always had and want to build a website about it, you'll find plenty of home business ideas here.

Home Based Business Advice That Makes A Difference


There is a way to have an extremely successful internet home business and take care of those special people (yes, that includes you too.)and circumstances in your life. Balance is what you need when you're dealing with a life altering situation.

An internet home business can provide that balance because you can work around your schedule, not the schedule of some company. And, it doesn't matter either whether this is your first attempt at a home-based business or your 50th, you'll find the tools you need right here to create a real, lasting business. You add the BAM (Brains and Motivation, as Ken Evoy of SiteSell so often says) and some elbow grease, stir until combined well. It's a fantastic recipe for success.

So take a deep breath, know that everything will be fine and let's get started creating your business in a way that works for you. Welcome to


To your success,